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Abusing Perma Ban

Name: Mystery man (SteamId64)

Rule Broken: Misusing ban

Evidence; Screenshots

When; 6/20/27 4:03 Pm

Heres the story. Mystery Man looked like a normal mod. Didn't have no problems with him. until he started being a dick to my older brother. My brother (eternal_pikachu) because he killed him and tried covering it up by saying he was wall hacking. we were fine because he killed us back but what really angered us is when he said he was going to ban us.... I had pictures and his steam id but for some reason the pictures are all black and I only have the picture of me getting banned but it gets better because it says I got banned for no reason... but continuing with the story we just mined out own business until he got back on again and we killed him and his group he got mad and banned my friend then I confronted him I was on the forum to report him and when I got on to take some more pictures he banned me for no reason as you will see. but overall these fake mods were abusing their powers and I almost forgot to mention BoothLaw was abusing his powers too while working with mystery. The thing that angered me the most was I payed $15 for VIP that my father payed for just before he had cancer and I respect everything that he got for me. Please let us play again and ban these guys or at least take away their privilages.

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