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Player Info/Help

  1. Good Mod App
  2. How to build in GMOD
  3. How to automate printer farming

What an exceptional moderator application looks like:

Username: Biariuakbar Allahmajalimashmaj

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42579109

How old are you?: 19 Years old. (Legal Birthday: July 13, 1997. Actual Birthday: June 17, 1997). <-- Notice the extra effort he put in

Do you have a mic?: Yes, I have a Logitech G933 Headset (has a studio recording quality mic). <-- Tells us he won't have a static mic that will potentially break in the future, a reassurance.

Why do you want to be part of the staff team?:

To assist people when they have problems and to stop rule breakers. Many people come on to troll and I have to repeatedly record videos using my recording software, Bandicam. I also am probably one of the few people that are not staff that know staff rules. For instance, whenever I see a staff member switch from On Duty to an RP job I stare at them until they kill themselves to go to spawn (because they are suppose to be at spawn before changing jobs).

I also have a few methods that are different than what some staff use. For example, I don't care to have God Mode. If someone is trolling, I can just freeze them/strip them. I also don't like to noclip and stay on duty 24/7 when there is clearly nothing going on.

When it comes to finding hackers, I am really good at that. I like to also record the hackers when they are trying to actually hide what they are doing.

How long have you been on the server?:

In all I have over 28 hours on the server. I have known the server for over a year, easily and I donated a while ago. Hours are on the short side but his age gives us confidence that he won't have a problem learning them quickly

Not a single grammar mistake, spaced out perfectly separating different ideas, giving examples, explaining things. Not just saying "I wanna b staff bcuz i dink itd be fuhn!!!Big GrinDD", or "This is my favorite server!!!"

Any past experience?:

I have a lot of experience as a staff member on many servers. Most of them, I get promoted to admin instead of moderator because it is usually too restricted due to new staff needing some more time before having more commands. All servers I have been staff on I used ULX and FADMIN.

DarkRP I have been staff on: Sleek Gamers DarkRP (Senior Admin), RK DarkRP: (Superadmin), New RK DarkRP (admin), Evicted DarkRP (admin), Tortoise Gaming (admin), Redic's DarkRP (admin), Doge Gaming (Admin), Roleplay RP (Superadmin), Sleek TDMRP (Superadmin), Hentai RP (Superadmin), Flugal RP (Superadmin), and Sideways Gaming (Superadmin), Melso RP (Superadmin), Bob's TDMRP (Server Greeter). There are a few other servers I am forgetting but this is some of the most memorable.

This is by far the best example of past experience I've seen yet. He clearly explains the servers, he obviously knows what ULX and FADMIN is because he brought it up, he lists all the places he was staff and provides his rank. Notice how he doesn't just say "Yes I've been super admin on many servers". Unarguably, proof, and why he isn't apart of that community anymore, (screenshots) would make it better, but at least he put in the effort to find out what servers he's been staff on and list them including his ranks.

What times are you usually on?:

I am mostly on the server at random times. Usually I am there for multiple hours during the week. Usually around 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM. On weekends I can be on from 12:00pm-12:00am.

Notice how he doesn't just say "24/7" or "whenever I'm bored"

Do not take this application as guidelines to your own application. First off I share this because most applying staff put a sentence or two for...everything, and wonder "why did i get denied? Sad". Well... It's about the effort you put in. Take this as a job and seriously. As this applicant, being a 19 year old, I would expect nonetheless for him to write something like this. But we are looking for mature staff, and writing something like this would not only prove to us you are a) mature, but b) most of all serious. Instead of paraphrasing this into your own application, take this as an example of how much effort your application should include. If you put basically nothing, it shows us you are being lazy and or uncaring, which will likely reflect towards your quality as a staff member leading towards your own demotion and or potential conflict. Even if you don't have past experience, we would be more than happy to allow you to start off somewhere.


Guide to Building:

Many of you may not know me, but hey! I'm JayWoosh. I love building in Garry's mod, and I love it when things look neat and clean. I typically play alot on server 2 where a frequent thing I'm told is that I'm a really good builder and made 80% of my 70ish million selling bases and stores although, personally? I don't think I'm -that- good, I just know the basics and what to do when it comes to building properly. That's the reason I'm writing this guide, feel free to read it, feel free not to. You might just learn something.

Section 1: You have a prop limit.

This section is to remind you, that you do indeed have a prop limit. I believe it's around 85 for a donator, don't quote me on that. This means that you should always be considerate in how you build, let me show you an example.

[Image: KmEbXZ9.png]

[Image: 1APLExS.png]
Don't be this guy.

I see this A LOT, people using 4 props, where 1 prop could easily suffice. That's THREE extra props you can use to reinforce elsewhere.

Section 2: Stacker is your best friend, but also your worst enemy.

Stacker, this tool. Oh man. It's great, I'll give it that, but it's also the bane of anyone who gets hooked on using it. So many times have I seen a base that's literally the same prop, stackered up 10 times, and to the sides 10 more to create a god awful prop wall. Granted this ties in with section 1's point of prop usage, It's a great idea to learn other tools to build with, other than just stacker. (which brings me to section 3)

Section 3: There's other tools to build with, and they're absolutely amazing.

So yeah, as the sections title suggests there's OTHER tools available, and I'm suprised by the amount of people who just don't know how to use them. The main tool you could consider though is "precision", getting to grips with this is the bread and butter of building great things.

Precision has 11 modes, but the ones we should take note of are 1 to 4.

[Image: TEy2CVN.png]

[Image: PAVQiWC.png]

[Image: FF9P5nm.png]

Freeze target: This literally freezes the prop, got rammed by the battering ram and now your prop is making the annoying scratchy noises? Enable freeze target then left click it, it's exactly the same as right clicking with your physgun.

Auto-align to word (nearest 45 degrees): Pretty self explanatory, the map has it's own orientation, this will align the prop to the nearest "snap" angle, to make it easier to position the prop.

Disable target shadow: This is sketchy, but it works sometimes. Are your props causing awful shadows on the floor below? apply this, and it'll 9 times out of 10 fix it.

Only collide with player: This is the BEST thing about the apply section in my honest opinion. Great for gunshops. You know the windows you make to serve guns through? Instead of nocolliding to shift that shipment through and hope someone jumps through it, with this mode you can literally pass the shipment through the prop, and no player will be able to go through it.

[Image: 9rb2tA9.png]

Very simple mode, kind of explains itself. It rotates props. Select a point of rotation, select your rotation % and slide your mouse along to move it. It'll fix your camera but don't be alerted, the second you're done and click to confirm you'll get to move your camera again.

Example gif on how to use rotate.

[Image: Y8s9x2D.png]

Move is once again, as it suggests "moving" the props. You can choose to either fix it to another prop, or to the world. It's a GREAT alternative to trying to stuff a prop into place with your physgun like a test monkey trying to fit the triangle into the square hole.

Example gif on how to use move.

[Image: uvUMpgK.png]

Literally the same as move, but it constraints props (welds them together), useful if you want to advance dupe without using area copy.

Here's what my typical building presets are at 95% of the time when I'm building my own bases.
[Image: MU7JlHd.png]

Extra note: This slider;
[Image: joY080M.png]

Controls how far your push (right click) and pull (reload [r]) modes bring the prop back and forth by. Sometimes, if you need to do very fine adjustments, I would advise setting it to 0.1, and enabling the "Push/Pull as percent of the target's depth" box.

Section 4: SmartSnap is bae, and I wish to marry it.

I honestly don't think I could get by without SmartSnap, the best utility in building ever and I'm suprised it's not a default Garry's Mod thing. If you aren't familiar to what "SmartSnap" is, it's the grid that appears when you hover over a prop with your toolgun out. There's a feature that not many know about it, and that's if you aim at a prop there will be a little red X that appears. Holding E will lock your cursor to it, making snapping two props together at the same point easier than sliding two lego pieces together.
[Image: L2LURnZ.png]

Section 5: TLDR & outro.
  • Guide summed up:
    Stop using more props than you need to, for your own and everyone elses benefit.
    Learn to use more than stacker.
    Take your time, building clean nice bases isn't a 10 minute job.
    Learn to use precision, get good with it.scrub.
    Smartsnap is the best thing ever, EU/NA/WO

I hope this guide helped you at least a little bit, the end goal is to make it so at least you know the basics to building a much cleaner and efficient looking base. If it didn't help you? I've failed, dishonored the family and I'll be committing sudoku at midnight.

[Image: diwSFvW.png]

DarkRP Printer Automation Using Wiremod

If you want to collect money and XP from your Money Printers quickly and efficiently and also not have to stand and watch them while doing so, you should automate them

Heres A Detailed Guide on how to do so:

1) In The “Wire” Tab on your Q Menu, Search for “Gate”. An option for Gate should pop up and you will now see a menu with Models on the bottom and a list of folders. Choose the model you want for your gate (The Gate is what connects everything to you).

2) Find the folder that says “Time” and Select “OS Time” So that it is highlighted blue

3) Place down your Gate

4) Now, in the Search bar where you just searched for gates, Search for “User”. You should now see a menu with a few models on the bottom. Choose a model and place down your user. (These things basically hit the E Button on your keyboard and make you use something)

5) Now, Go back and search for “Wire” once you do, click on it, and select a wire model.

6) With the Wire tool in hand, click on your user and then gate to connect them.

7) Now Take your money printer and place it on top of your gate, making sure you can no longer see the beam coming from it.

Your printers are now automated, and will collect automatically without having to touch them.

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