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Build And Kill Rules

-ICE- Build & Kill Rule List:

1. Use Common Sense.
2. Do not complain.
3. Do not abuse buildmode. Buildmode is to be enabled when building only!
4. Do not Mic/Chat spam in any way.
5. Allow WAC aircraft 10 seconds to get off the ground before shooting or destroying them. You may attack grounded WAC only if they have been sitting idle for at least 30 seconds.
6. If basing in the compound, allow atleast ONE way to exit it.
7. Delete all your broken or unused props, vehicles, and aircraft.
8. Do not disable collisions on vehicles to drive through people's props.
9. Do not camp spawn exits/entrances. (Killing people immediately after they exit spawn room through the stairs, or through the portals).
10. Do not build in the spawn room.
11. Do not spam the toolgun (Ropes, Lights, Lamps, Thruster, Etc).
12. Do not use the "drive" function on ANYTHING. Flying anything will result in a warning.
13. Do not spam: RPG, C4, Grenandes, Smoke Grenades, SMG Grenades, combine balls, or slams.
14. Do not build infront of, or block any of the spawn exits (Portal rooms/stairs/tunnels).
15. Do not attempt to lag, or crash the server. Doing so is an automatic permanent ban from ALL -ICE- servers.
16. Do not be a troll.
17. Do not spawn rush (Running out of spawn to kill someone, then running back inside immediately after).
18. Do not make threats against players, or the server. Doing so will result in a ban.
19. Don't build in/on player's props/bases to enter, & don't prop surf to get into bases.
20. Do not exploit vehicles/chairs/hoverboards/teleporters to get into a base, or area.
21. Do not trash-talk the server, or any -ICE- server.
22. Do not advertise for other servers, doing so will result in a ban!
23. Do not abuse the !votekick and !voteban system.
24. Do not use PewPew to destroy props/bases or kill players while in buildmode.
25. Do not prop kill vehicles.
26. Do not prop push people out of spawn to kill them/get them stuck.
27. Do not try to snipe, shoot out of, or hide on the spawn stairs leading to the above ground.
28. Do not go into, or build in the skybox.

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