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Falsely Banned for hearsay.

Name/SteamID: dead. / STEAM_0:0:2002120

Who banned you: I have been banned by DReamS, moderator rank.

Why: I was falsely accused of HACKING/3RD person looking around corner

When: I was banned about week ago.

How long were you banned?: I am perma banned.

Why you should be unbanned?: Okay lets start this off, I was playing like I fucking usually do right, I am not an average player rather tryhard with good fps so I can rape anyone easily, I got years of experience with FA:S2 Gunbase and its a joke for me now. I joined the server and had some fun, I found some people and killed them.. Then magically my guns became invisible which is known bug when you get spectated which was from DReamS, I didnt bother tried to fix it but then ran to hide, my guns were able to see again as he unspectated me and came to my exact spot and I died.. I complained but he said he needs to spectate me beacuse there was reports which is fine but the abuse isnt. Anyway I was killing again and dying then Skittle Wolf said some bullshit in game chat or something without any valid Screenshots or Video proof evidence while DReamS was with him then DReamS said in global chat : Your buddy told me everything, you're getting banned, 5 sec after I was permad which is complete fucking bullshit, I need to be banned for vaild screengrab or spectation video proof not some hearsay bullshit or steamchat beacuse it can be easily faked, forged and shit, I never even talked with Skittle Wolf in first place. I request an unban and demote to DReamS and Skittle Wolf, salt and abuse judges the ban within them, not logic sense and valid proof.

V.2 I was unbanned on upcoming updated for the 'Hacking' or Third person glitching, I have just joined the server and in a span of 1 minuted I got perma banned by him again, he is abusing fuck, demote and perma ban is the way for go with retards like him.
No problem. I get it, that ban I made was falsely made and I admit it. But you have been permabanned again for thirdperson exploiting. You cannot complain about this as its true. But if something is fishy and I get demoted from the first ban, I understand but if I get demoted for the second ban, then I am not going to be very happy. Anyway I may of banned you the first time. But the superadmin took AWAY my ban and banned you himself.
Whats that image supposed ey? a chat? I banned you because there is proof of you admitting to thirdperson exploiting. Its simple just take the ban. Check the player reports for crying out loud.
Nah, I was banned for the same reason twice, without proof. thats whats up.
K so
DreamS, do you have any sort of physical evidence to back up your (unauthorized, btw, perma's always need to go through senior/supers) perma ban of this player?
Third person isn't considered an exploit on DarkRP, and I'm gonna assume it's not perma-bannable on DayZ either.

Far as I can tell, you're wayyyy out of your lane here, you should chat with a higher up and make sure you aren't just digging yourself deeper.
He is just power hungry man. He banned me twice with the same reason just diffrent name, first hacks then glitching, like for real?
Nah you've been unbanned for the third person shit, because that's not an expliot. You were rebanned from DayZ for hacking. Sorry budddddyyy.

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