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DayZ Rules

DayZ Rules
  1. Do not Safezone Camp ( Example. If you run out of safezone to kill someone who is running towards safezone, that is safezone camping. If you kill someone who is running to safezone and you are waiting outside of safezone to kill that person that is safezone camping. Sniping people that are running out of Safezone is Safezone Camping. If both of you are running to safezone and you kill them that is not safezone camping )
  2. Do not use any sort of Hacking which would give you an unfair advantage towards other players.
  3. Do not use exploits which are currently in the server which would give you an unfair advantage towards other players.
  4. Do not boost yourself with a friend to gain Shells, Credits etc.. ( I mean letting your friend kill you 10 times to gain a bounty, then killing him to gain the rewards repeatedly and other methods like that )
  5. Do not Spam into your mic with loud abnoxious noises or with music, also do not spam in the chat, this will result in a gag or a mute, when you are ungagged and or unmuted and you do it again, you will be kicked, if you join and still permit this, you will get a small ban as punishment.
  6. Do not crouch jump during a battle, neither should you use actions during combat ( Act dance, Act robot, Act muscle etc.. )
  7. You cannot join a group with a exploiter/glitcher/hacker which you know about and you are gaining loot/gear from that person. If you are caught in this act you will receive a severe punishment.
  8. Do not door spam
  9. Treat everyone the same, we are all human beings and not one should be down graded for whatever reason.
  10. Do not put links into the chat (Website links or any other Sites/Links from the server are ok) and do not advertise other servers
  11. Do not ask/beg for staff ranks and or V.I.P ranks
  12. Whilst a person is trading, you are NOT allowed to take the items they are trading
  13. You are not allowed to scam people during a trade
  14. if you threaten to hack the server or DDoS server ( even if these threats are false ) you will be banned from this server.
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