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**This post is directed for cloud, I have nothing against him so I didn't make a "staff-report"**

In a video I recently watched from a user i'm not gonna disclose, Cloud, as a "Expert Thief" was using a M9K Minigun. Immediately after firing it, he switched to a different weapon, almost as to be seen not using it.
The video is here:

Now, feel free to shitpost / flame me all you want, i'm only gonna take cloud's response seriously / any other senior admon +

once again, I have no quarrel with him. I'm just seeing if him using a minigun is allowed or not. (apparently it can be bought from pointshop.)
Using a mini gun is not against the rules. I'm about 95% sure you can buy it from !shop. If he didn't buy it from shop, then a super gave it to him.
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[Image: XnzlO7n.png]
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