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What grinds my gears: Player Edition!

1.) When a well known minge gets in trouble in a sit and they try reading all the rules to you

2.) When a player says you can't ban them

3.) When a player points his physgun at you and expects you to know he wants a sit

4.) When a player calls a sit and you tp to them and they act clueless

5.) When players try to bribe in a sit and it takes forever ( I just warn and return immidiately)

6.) When players start stating rules to you and you state them back and they act offended

7.) The players that just don't shut up in OOC #ZeroTolerancePolicy

8.) When a player says "It's not in the rules"

9.) When a player says "I'm going to report you and start making a fuss over the forums"

10.) My absolute worse is when players kill low levels for "crossing their line" at that point I bring the ban hammer down :^)
please change this
"Do you have any proof?"
[Image: ylODZm9.png]
I feel ya plant even tho I havent even been staff for a week
Server 1 Aussie Staff
[Image: 8ee2fb7874a313c83b38c7aa9ddc3366.png]
[Image: tenor.gif]
Lmao these are all true
Admin on Server #1
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