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Kadus' Ban Appeal (I dont want arizona to deny or accept it. Anyone else than him)

Name/SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92544003

Who banned you: Arizona

Why: For minge and accusing/instagating

When: 8/29/17

How long were you banned?: 5 weeks. Seems a bit outrageous

My reason for this: See arizona has this base for the server and it has the confederate flag on it which I find racist. And hes telling me I dont know what im talking about. But he kicks me for SS is racist even though its a rank. I come in with the "Oh i bet you were at the charlottesville event" and hes like "Ive had enough of you" Instead he bans me but he couldve mute me in game on pressing on my name on tab and click the volume button. I find this ban outrageous as I were a fellow staff member on darkrp
Get on the TeamSpeak and I can speak with you about this. Though I am staff on DarkRP I'm not a quivering pussy so I will handle this.
Senior Admin of All Servers

[Image: rsz_saturation2.jpg]

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