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CherryTree's Staff Application

Username:CherryTree Walker of the Wastes

SteamID (

Do you have a mic?yes

How old are you? (we prefer 14 or older but this is about maturity, not age) im 14 and turn 15 in 8 days

Why do you want to be on the staff here at -ICE-? (don't just list the regular "staff aren't on" or write the run-of-the-mill application, list off who you are as a person, what makes you unique, why staff would benefit to having you on the team, what your tactics are, etc.)
I've been on -ICE- servers for a very long time though i only really play on the Dayz so im not too well know even though you said dont say the whole staff arnt on its true and is a big reason i want staff. many times i am on and no staff is there and people will sz camp or hack for the reason of no one can get rid of them. i am also on at all hours.
How long have you been on the servers for and how much time ingame do you have?
i've been on the dayz server since it started and have around 5 days time. (i stopped play for like 3 months after props were removed)
Have you had previous experience? (we like experienced staff but we are totally okay with having staff looking for a new opportunity, gotta start somewhere!) I was staff in envious DarkRP and but other than that no.

What times are you on at? (times and timezones please) at all times but pacific time zone

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